Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Owl Cake

Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Filling and Peanut Butter Buttercream (SO good) Decorated with fondant and homemade chocolate clay (like homemade tootsie rolls)


  1. You are so incredibly talented!!! So adorable!

  2. Your cakes are amazing! I am so glad I stopped by!

    Happy Day to you,
    Jasey @ Crazy Daisy

  3. Okay, totally weird we both posted owl cakes this week!!!! I love how you did the body and the feet. Clean lines, great job girlfriend! Soon I'm going to post pictures of ALL the cakes I have done, and I'm considering doing a giveaway for a cake decorating book. I've never done a giveaway before and I'm not sure how!

  4. P.S. Great border too, I didn't have time for a border on mine ;-(. Can I ask what you used for your border?

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