Saturday, June 5, 2010


I need your ideas....I made these figures out of royal icing and was going to use them on the cake but they broke apart - way too fragile. Do you think it was the amount of black I had to put in the black icing that broke down the structure? I've never done royal icing toppers before so I really don't know. I went with 3D fondant figures instead....turned out great. Any ideas why this didn't work?


  1. How long did you let them dry? I have found that if you do not give them enough time to really dry out they will break easily. I've made toppers with black before so I don't think that would matter.

    They generally need at least a week to dry out fully depending on thickness. Sometimes even if they look dry they aren't done yet!

  2. instead of royal icing use color flow they sell it in the craft stores and it turn out great. I took one Basic Wilton class and they tought us how to do them but I think is very similar to royal just takes less time to dry and is steadier :-) Good luck very lovely cake!

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